(Cisco Unified Communications Manager)从7.1(5)版本开始,就分有restrictedunrestricted版本的区别。很多人并不知道这两个版本之间有什么区别,两个版本是不是都能实现CUCM的所有功能。


  在我们部署CUCM的时候,需要注意的是,不管是限制版本还是非限制版本,思科官网都会实施同步更新。因此请根据自己的需要下载相应的版本。另外从unrestricted升级到restricted版本是不被支持的。其他的,包括CUCM本身的安全特性HTTP(s),SSH,密码加密和认证(SIP数字认证),JTAPI, TSP,SNMP传输数据加密,利用IPSEC和IMS进行的数据库相关加密等都不会受到任何影响。

  下面是出自Ryan Ratliff的,可以详细阅读:

Unrestricted Export Support

The restricted US export classification on Cisco Unified CM meant that governmental and military customers in many countries could not employ Unified CM in their networks.

In addition to the delay inherent in obtaining export licenses, products classified as restricted by the Department of Commerce (DoC) carry a requirement to allow US government representatives to demand on-site inspections at any time to confirm that the product is being used in accordance with its licensed purpose. This post-shipment verification (PSV) is unacceptable to many customers.

Additionally, some foreign countries maintain import restrictions which prohibited Unified CM from being available to customers in those countries. Both US export and foreign import issues stem from Unified CM support for strong encryption of signaling and media.

Unrestricted Classification

Because Cisco has obtained an unrestricted classification from the DoC for a version of Unified CM, beginning with Unified CM 7.1(5), both restricted and unrestricted versions of Unified CM will be released in parallel.


Signaling and media encryption is permanently disabled in the unrestricted version, but remains unchanged in the restricted version.

Migration from the unrestricted version to the restricted version is not supported.

Note No impact exists to other security features such as HTTP(s), SSH, password encryption and authentication (for example, SIP digest authentication), mechanisms used by unrestricted Unified CM clients such as JTAPI, TSP, encryption of SNMP traffic, encryption of data related to database that is done by using IPSEC and IMS on the server side.


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