This article goes over how to do a factory reset on Cisco 8800 series IP phones.  NOTE: In the case of VPN capable phones make sure that the phone is behind an ASA or a Managed Circuit before performing a factory reset. Failure to do so can result in the phone losing it's VPN capabilities entirely.

Reset via Software

1.    Press the settings button on the phone.
2.    Go to Admin Settings
3.    Go to Reset Setting 
4.    Select All Settings

The device will now reset to factory settings. 

Reset via Keypad

1. Press "#" when you power on the phone
2. You will see the headset,speaker and mute will light on and then light off.
3. When you see only headset and speaker turn on again, please press 123456789*0# in sequence.
4. After you pressed the the first digit "1", you will see speaker turn off.
5. After all the number are input completely in sequence, you will see Mute button turns on to indicate phone begin to do the factory reset.


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