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Frequently Asked Questions & Links

UseNet Freemasonry FAQ
– In depth resource covering all aspects of freemasonry and it’s history.

– Many well researched and sourced articles.  Also lists famous Masons as well as Non-Masons (or those thought to be Masons but aren’t.)

The Lost Symbol & Freemasonry
– “
This website has been created to provide factual information about Freemasonry and Dan Brown’s novel The Lost Symbol. It is a joint project of The Masonic Society, The Masonic Service Association of North America, and the George Washington Masonic Memorial.”

Freemason Information Masonic Magazine
A group blog covering various issues in Freemasonry and the home of the Masonic Central audio podcast.

Freemasons for Dummies Blog
Blog written by Brother Chris Hodapp of Indiana, author of Freemasons for Dummies, Solomon’s Builders and Deciphering the Lost Symbol.

Pillars of the Portico
Part of the Sanctum Sanctorum Education Foundation, this blog focuses on history and the symbolism of the craft.

The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory
– The Masonic Medical Research Laboratory (MMRL) is a not-for-profit institute supported by volunteer contributions and bequests. The Laboratory also obtains funding through foundation, corporation and Federal grants. The MMRL is a state-of-the-art medical research facility engaged in studies involving major health issues facing society today such as, ischemic heart disease, cardiac arrhythmias, sudden cardiac arrest and other aspects of cardiovascular disease.